Fet vs. Windows, round II

Well, I don’t know exactly what did it, but for some reason, Soft Landing is running fine on Windows for me now. Once I got it working, I found a weird bug: the guys’ animation frames were all jumbled up, causing enemies to spasm around comically instead of menacingly and smoothly deploying their weapons. I guess os.listdir() on Windows doesn’t return the files in alphanumeric order; we were depending on the filenames to order the frames properly, so this was messing us up. I threw in a call to sort() before loading each image into our image libraries, and all was well. So that’s the story of my first bug fix and Subversion commit from within Windows. :P

One thought on “Fet vs. Windows, round II

  1. PyTom

    Just wait until you get hit by the changed semantics of os.rename. And remember to open all files in binary mode… that’s one that can lead to fairly subtle errors.

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