Monthly Archives: April 2015

Welwyn px

I’ve been playing some adventure games recently, particularly the Blackwell series. I felt sort of inspired to draw something that might fit into that context, a roughly 30x80px character in proportions that could fit into an environment with that level of detail. I decided to revisit an old pose I used for Welwyn from Soft Landing.



Very rough so far, of course! But, I think I will try to dedicate some time to trying to finish this one.

Daily 427

Been a bit spotty with my daily drawings recently, after focusing more on piano stuff. Hoping to get back into that, and maybe posting here will make me more accountable…


Last night’s was rough, for sure. Felt very rusty, nothing came naturally, lots of things I hate about it. I wanted to make sure I did something with interesting colors and some light and dark, but it ended up getting pretty messy. Still, I did something and that’s what counts!