Monthly Archives: March 2015

Crystal Bell rework


I decided it might be interesting to try to touch up a few of the older Soft Landing sprites, and what better place to start than the iconic hero ship! Here’s my first pass, focussing on colour reduction, readability improvement and personality.

Mori Pal Named

I really like naming things. Our Mori Pal has already gone through some changes since we started working with it for actual pieces, but I wanted to quickly post this old version which includes color names. Updated, battle-tested version coming soon!




I think I’m ready to call this one completed. A few things about it still bug me a bit but I think it was a really good exercise. I started with the Šú« palette, but eventually settled into a customized 15-colour palette of my own. The parts I enjoyed working on the most were the bag and the boots. I think the colour palette gives them a pleasing texture. It was also interesting┬ádoing another background, this one was easier than the last one because I was able to just make it up my own way, and the foliage was easier to arrange, compared to the technical complexities of an urban environment.