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Been working on a work with our Mori palette. Today, though, decided to start customizing it to work better for the subject, because I think I am not skilled enough yet to be able to adapt a piece of this size to an existing palette. Plus, the palette is not battle-tested yet, and thus doesn’t have any claim to being useful for general-purpose work. Trying it out with lots of different works should help us figure out what adjustments it needs.

The original photo seems to come from the Nashare Rakuten shop, where I would blow all of my money if I were a lady.


Anna – ribbon laces, the coarseness of the way, warmth in shadows

anna_sketch_200 anna_07


Sometimes it’s nice to see how things have progressed from the original sketch!

Unfortunately, this weekend I didn’t end up getting much time to PXL, but I managed a bit. Still tweaking the face to try to get the right expression — so difficult! Did the feets, finally. Not too happy with how noisy things are but I will probably try to clean up a little later on. Began poking at the background, trying to pick out elements that will be important, fleshed out a few small details on the right hand side, and invented a bit of shading on the road to add some interest. Tweaked the palette to add more red in the shadows, I like how they go with the cold blues I have as highlights.




Anna Progress


Relatively minor progress, but redid some aspects of the facial structure, changed a lot with the arms, and make a start on the (really complex) structure of the skirt!

Mori Palette


I chatted with Fet and did some revisions to the mori palette.

I’m… kind of surprised at how diverse this palette looks at this point. I was envisioning pretty much brown and grey with a few daubs of red but I wonder if it won’t be so different from many other palettes that I’ve seen, but with a slight emphasis on certain colours? Either way, I think the really interesting thing will be, after making v0.1, trying this out and seeing which colours are good and which are not really needed.


Anna Progress

Did some work on my latest piece. My intent was to try to head off some of the initial problems as soon as possible. So far: Palette for jacket, airiness of hairstyle, facial expression.


Unexpected things: The hands are going to be really tough due to her unnatural-seeming pose. The hair-curl near her lip is going to be challenging to make readable but not overpowering.

I also did some work on the mori palette which I will post here soon. :D



mori pal

Ju had the excellent idea of developing a 16-color palette especially for pixel arts inspired by the Mori Girl style. We both have a tremendous amount of respect for Arne’s famous 16 pal, and have learned a lot from using it. We’re intrigued by the idea of developing a sturdy, enduring palette, the design restraint that this practice imposes on one’s pixel art, and the promise of a coherent aesthetic across a suite of works. (In this case, across two people’s works!)

After a quick lunchtime chat, here’s what we have so far.


TSF .e #2 Anna


I already had planned to do another one of these, and I already knew exactly who it’d be. I think Anna’s style is super cool. Effortlessly whimsy, future, punk, artistic. Her expression and pose are perfect.

I anticipate this will be challenging primarily because of two things — one is that there is just so much white that I’ll have to be really careful to not wash out details, but also not to invent complexity. Secondly her expression and pose are really subtle. Getting those things right in a smaller space can be challenging.

I want to record my progress again, so here is step 1. I did a quick sketch over ~10 mins using mouse only just blocking out colours mainly. It is a bit unclever, but I think good enough to start from~


Sumotan Edit

I did a little edit of Fet’s Sumotan pxl.


Here were my thoughts and a summary of the edits I attempted:


  • Lightened & saturated midtones to enable them to be used elsewhere in palette and for softer outlines
  • Made greys into greens, whites into yellows to diversify colour options and for personal taste
  • Changed dark-red for peach, mainly so that I could use it as a multi-purpose hair, skin and shadow tone


  • Tiny edits to overall silhouette, making both arms slightly thicker, emphasizing elbow-area of camera-hand


  • Added additional tones to outlines to try to describe form and show lighting, specifically to try to to make the skin look “soft” and the hair to look “light”
  • Added large torso and hair shadows to describe form
  • Made small changes to internal dress details to try to make her pose look a little more tilted
  • Small shading edits to left arm to help show depth
  • Changed hand holding camera using photo as reference for finger pose
  • Overall lightening of chest area and surrounding area
  • Tried to give left/right sections of hair different personalities to match reference
  • Tweaked facial expression slightly
  • Overall darkening and simplification of area underneath camera, to help readability in a complex part of the composition
  • Small changes to certain details based on new palette choices

This is such a lovely and cute piece, I feel really glad that I got to spend some time with it! Thanks for letting me meddle with your artwork, Fet!



Yuka TSF.絵

Finally revisited this, mainly thanks to the really lovely app, Aseprite.

Still kind of rusty coming back into this so some of the changes are a bit rough, and there are several larger problems with the piece in general that I think would be too much effort for me to fix versus moving on to something new. Having said that, this is one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve made, and I really like the idea of doing more work at this size, which is a lot larger than I normally work with pixel art. Fet’s ability to progress to larger sizes so quickly has really inspired me to push my boundaries and try new things, but also to try hard to evolve my style, pixelling expressively and passionately.

Lately, based on other pixel artists I’ve been appreciating, I’m really into pieces with “warm” backgrounds, where the palette is all dusky… shorter contrast ranges, warm, 懐かしい. I put a lot of that feeling into the last set of changes I made, adding two greens and really pushing up the yellows, deepening the shadows and flattening some of the detailed areas out. I also tried to make her expression a bit closer to how I read Yuka’s actual expression, and after tried to incorporate the sharp dabs of red both on her left sock as well as her lipstick. Here’s a side-by-side!

yuka_stage9_full_2x yukaphoto_pixelsize