Monthly Archives: June 2014

TSF .e #1 ~ J Side ~

After learning of the source of Fet’s inspiration for the previous piece he did, I was really inspired! I suggested we both attempt to do a Tokyo Fashion dot-e, and decide on Yuka and her awesome outfit as the subject. Here’s my progress so far!

First I made a quick sketch and coloured it using colours picked from the original photo.


Then I shrunk my sketch and roughly traced it at the pixel level, much like I’d done with my previous piece.


At this point, I feel like a lot of the shapes and proportions aren’t quite right, but I’m not really worried about that since I’m only trying to get the basic shape correct. Also, trying to convey the way her legs are posed is absurdly challenging! Next I’ll try to clean up the shapes and apply some more shading so that it looks closer to what I’m aiming for.

Vittoria completed

Haven’t had as much time as I wanted to, recently but finally pushed ahead and added a bit to this one. Done for now! Even though I changed some aspects from the original, I feel pretty happy with how it ended up!


Edit: Changed palette slightly!