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Vittoria progress

pixel-level shading + palette

Worked on this a little more tonight. For this step, I started trying to choose colours as well as put in shading at the single-pixel level.

Although this stage is more refined than the previous one, at this point I would still consider the whole piece to be overall rough. I am considering doing some major reworking of the bottom half of the picture, which is why it is mainly still just roughly shaded. For the face and hair, I am reasonably confident there will be no large-level positional changes so I put in a little more detail.

Also, to warm up I tried to do my usual exercise of a 16×16 limited palette object. There was a book on my desk so that’s what came out!


Decided that it would be nice to try to do a pixel version of an older sketch of mine. I’m going to try to document the process here. I expect it’ll take a while to get a result that I like, and I haven’t tried going from a drawing to pixel art before, so I’m curious to see if it is worthwhile or not!




Basic shading

I’ll add more steps as I go!

Also, I did a quick edit of Fet’s IPA:


I started on a character, but lost a bunch of work when the app silently flattened all my layers. ;~;

Anyway here is a beer


Edited a couple days later

IPA v2

PS2 try

Had a good conversation with Ju about the snacks today, and got back to my PS2 try to see if I could incorporate some of what I learned.


In retrospect, maybe it would have been more interesting to show the top, where the logo is? But then you couldn’t see the thing’s unique shape as much…

Ju did an edit, and once again I insta-learned so much:


Fet tries

Object trys: MD player avec headphones, MD player alone, paperwork, Mac Plus, PS Vita, Rickenbacker 4001

Objex all

Color Try

Dresses 2

32 Try

Dresses 32