Monthly Archives: February 2008


Jules and I have been using a big time-versus-entities matrix to plan out the story of Soft Landing. Across the top are boxes for the “distant past”, then the preceding few decades, then the preceding few years, then the individual story chapters. Down the left side are the names of characters, groups, and organizations. Any time we decide something about the story, we fit it into this table.

It’s easy to see all of the things going on at a certain time, or to get an overview a particular entity’s history. At a glance we can find which areas of the story are still ambiguous; eventually we want to fill the whole thing in.


(Deliberately made too small to read, so you’ll have to wait to verify the accuracy of Baron Von Chadstrong’s comment on our last post.)


– Tied trust score into what used to be “shields”. Now your capacity for damage, your firepower, and your overall affinity with your support pilot are all represented by one number.

– Removed offscreen death effect, leaving your ship on screen when you get hit.

– Made ship go really slow when it gets hit.

Now Jules and I are having an in-depth conversation about the overall story and how to make it really compelling. We need to try pretty hard to shed the amateurish and dull story that’s so easy to write.

This Morning

I successfully woke up early, and I like to think it’s partially because I set the Ar tonelico 2 theme as my alarm. I came in, played AT2, and once I was sufficiently inspired, did some work on SL.

* Fixed up the player’s speech bubble so the Laurent portrait doesn’t slide around disconcertingly as the bubble grows into existence.

* Added support for positioning inset images wherever we like on screen, and having multiple insets visible at once. This will help us with our Littlewitch-Floating-Frame-Director-esque scenes.

Brief Update

  • Added nice fading sliding inset images for dramatic effect. Tested this with a nice quick portrait of Brianne that Jules threw together.
  • Tied the synchronized pod-gun to the Trust score. Now the better you do (in the eyes of your support pilot), the better your coordinated firepower gets. All of the crazy numbers we had before are now embodied in the Trust score. You can get more Trust by staying near your partner, using your synchronized gun to kill enemies, and pulling off impressive chains while the screen is especially chaotic. Trust also represents your “shields”, as the support pilot is feverishly working in her pod to maintain your ship’s defense systems.