Monthly Archives: August 2007


Since our meeting, I have been working on the little details of balance for the demo. The level is slower, and the enemies’ attacks are more deliberate. The in-flight conversation system is working, but because our main character isn’t actually the same type of Guy as the rest of the cast, it looks like it’ll be best for the comm images to be static and pre-generated after all.

I still have a big long outline of stuff to do, including such items as “big guys assisted by an entourage of little mans” and “amoeba is too advanced”. :D

Things are going well.

Lots of new stuff is happening with our game. We’re re-thinking some of the Big Things in the shooting side of the game — the way the challenges are presented to the player, what kind of challenges they are, and how they are arranged. High-level, thinky stuff that we haven’t had time for since there have been more important things like “can the player move his ship” and etcetera. The Novel side is coming along nicely with a more developed script, more graphics and a new character. Aaron is back in contact and living in Japan, so hopefully we can continue our already excellent relationship with his genius mind to extract more musix and sound effects from him. All is well.


Jules put together a whole lot of stuff today, so I incorporated it into the game. Now our main character Laurent has fourteen available expressions, Brianne has a dynamic new pose, and our new character Crystal Honda is in the game. Whee!