Monthly Archives: September 2006


We sent out access to an alpha version today, to folks at [shmup-dev](, [The 2 Bears](, and [Heisei Democracy]( This is the first time anyone we don’t personally know will be playing the game. I guess I’ll go to bed and see what the internet says in the morning. :D

Level design

Quick entry. After a little break (unplanned thanks work and thanks food poisioning and thanks everything else), I managed last night to have a gander at fet’s latest level design for our current level. HOLY BAJEEBUS. He’s done a fantastic job and this is really shaping up to be something better than I anticipated.

Nothing to really say, just wanted to thank him, once again, for being so bloody awesome.




My coworker Troy, audio-engineer extraordinaire, just presented me with his first bit of work for Soft Landing. At the beginning of the project, Jules and I were pretty keen to make *everything* ourselves. Once we’d both tried our hands at music and sound effects, we discovered that audio is really, really hard. As simple and straightforward as it sounds when you’re listening to Sakura Taisen themes or Gradius V explosion effects, actually trying to build sounds from nothing is mind-shreddingly difficult.

So Troy agreed to give it a shot. I gave him a bunch of research materials, like videos of some Cave and Treasure games, and a copy of Pizzicato Five’s *SOFT LANDING ON THE MOON* to get him in the groove. He’s super busy producing a real album, so it took a while, but I just dropped one of his first-pass explosion effects into the game and I think we’re on the way to something lovely.