Monthly Archives: February 2006


A friend mentioned some new CRPG whose soundtrack he’d been listening to, just at the moment I was in the mood to spend some money and get into some new geeky series. I checked the site, saw the character designs, discovered that it includes a costume system, and ran out to get a copy. The first time I went, Pink Godzilla had but one copy, and it was on order for someone else. Dejectedly, I ordered a copy of my own and commenced obsessing. A week later, I dropped in to see if my copy had arrived; it hadn’t, but the existing copy was still unclaimed, and the fine Pinky-G staff judged that I deserved it more than the guy who was so late in picking it up.

So, I’m only three hours into it, but being three whole hours into a game after owning it for one night means a lot for me. I usually have to push myself to keep playing, but for once I’m back in the state of having to weigh getting enough sleep versus continuing to the next save point.

I’ve already discovered the battle system, including a harmonics system based on cute girls singing, the crafting/alchemy system which involves recipe trading cards, the Materia-like equipment-enhancement system, and the conversation system in which you try to develop a close spiritual bond with the aforementioned cute girls. There are still plenty of things in the menus that I haven’t been formally introduced to yet, like the costume system and the various other kinds of collectible cards. This is going to be fun.

I’ve found a pile of parallels to Xenogears, which is about the best endorsement I can give a game so early after meeting it. Xenogears meets Nippon-Ichi meets Sakura Taisen? Could this be for real? What’s the world coming to!?


Today I went out and bought a Mac mini. One of the many, many problems that arose from not having a computer was my inability to work on Soft Landing at my leisure. I had to be at work, outside of working hours, and inspired to work on the game; those three things almost never happened at once. Now I can be on the futon, in the middle of a round of Mushihimesama or something, get struck with a fine idea, and hop right into the code without even getting up. Having the mini also means I’m more likely to be online when Jules is, and we can have our always motivating conversations.


So, it’s looking like, finally, I’ve managed to work myself into a regular regime.. (never mind that in a few weeks I’m going to be travelling across the world…). This, I am sure though.. will be wonderful, as I will have a chance to, -gasp!- actually meet the guy I am working with.

Last night I managed to finalise some of the lingering details on Bri. Not a lot of work but it was important stuff.. animation stuff. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get stuck right back into it and come up with some more.

Hep ho!