Monthly Archives: November 2005


At the moment, working on trying to finish Brianne, still. Man, I sound like a broken record. I think the problem with character drawing is that I just feel so nervous about it. I’m fine with my pxart, I feel that most of the time it looks fitting and gamey. I still feel like a drawing noob when it comes to actual people though.

Well, anyway. I’m making progress. We’re also working on a new system for text in the SLG side of the game. A while back we had the idea of using speech bubbles. At that point in time we decided against it, opting for a more traditional approach. After it was brought up again, Fet and I decided that in the end it would be a good idea, and I was all for it just having come out of finishing Fire Emblem 7. (SRPG fans, if you want to give yourself a massive, massive treat, play this wonderful game!). I threw together some quick ideas yesterday and Fet is confident he can take it from there. I’m really keen to see how it ends up looking, however him and I are really sick of looking at Robo-Ana.. (I don’t think anyone else has seen her, right Fet?) .. so I promised Fet I’d make a big effort to finish Brianne.

Today I also started playing Genji. I really, really, really love this game already. More later!


We got some work done yesterday and today. Music is the most frustrating part of this project. It’s nearly impossible to know whether I’m on the right track with anything of the musical things I’ve tried. Music is also the most deceptively simple-seeming part of the project. We knew the art and the code would be hard, but how tough could it be to put together some simple background music? It’s truly tough.

Jules designed a nice proximity mine that arms itself, then starts blinking when you near it, then explodes . It takes advantage of some nice object scriptability that we put in there just in case we wanted to make things act in such specific ways.


We did some work on SL for the first time in a while. I’d spent a couple of weeks catching up on my new GTD obligations; now that I’ve got mind like water, it’s easier to work on the game without peripheral stress.

We’re trying some new explosion styles. It’s surprisingly difficult to craft a good particle-based explosion.