Monthly Archives: July 2005


Hi. The game looks pretty good right now.

Today we made a list of all the things that need to be done before we can release a demo. It’s a long list, but everything on it is possible. Our goal now is to shrink the list down to nothing, release that demo, and finally let folks play our silly game a bit. Then the real work will start. :D

Destroy The Core

Jules and I have been working on SL nearly every day for a week now, and that feels very good. One of the first things we did was create a new effects system that can produce a limitlessly variable range of special effects, such as bullet-impacts, explosions, smoke trails, and so on. We’ve used it to make really fancy random plasma explosion effects. This will be one of the major elements for making the game look really special.

Yesterday I finally got some rudimentary boss-enemy code working. We can make enemies that comprise several independently blowuppable parts. Next is to create some level scripting logic that detects when a certain enemy has been destroyed and advances the game accordingly.

Back to nature

We have a lot of new ideas at the moment. I’m constantly amazed at how we keep making simple decisions that seem to improve the game by a lot, and then going back and realise how much I don’t like the old versions compared to the new ones. Looks like backgrounds are going to be “hand drawn”. We’re also meddling around with a few new sorts of effects. I think we’re pretty much going to scrap things like traditional explosions in favour of something a little more artistic and unique. I think I’m going to have fun experimenting with this. :3