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Working on the game.

Scarf girl


I was drawing on my iPad this afternoon. Since I don’t really have a particular piece in mind for my next pixel art I thought I’d have a go at seeing transitioning it from a rough sketch into a pixel art piece.

Anyway, here’s the drawing, and my first attempt at composing it in pixel form. Still quite rough, but a good place to start I think!


Anna – 完成しました!



I think it turned out quite well. I took longer than I wanted doing it but I had a hard time finding free time. I am happy with how it came out. I think it’s not as close to the original pose/composition as I could have come, but I think one of the most interesting parts of this exercise is determining what parts of a composition to include or not — and for that matter, where one should improvise entirely!

The palette ended up going in a sort of unusual direction, but I let it expand organically, combining colours as needed to keep it under 16. I think there is definitely too much of the “feature” colour – the grey-blue of the road, in this picture. I decided that instead of detailing and adding more noise, it might be best to leave it that way.

There are some perspective and scale issues for sure, but I am glad that I decided to do a background this time. Many lessons learned. I think my next one will be a lot more simple than this, and that I’ll consider making room for it in the pallete much earlier.


Anna – Background Progress


Made some progress on the background. A lot of this is a really interesting learning experience for me. Trying to find a balance between details that are useful and details that are too noisy.

Still have a large area in the background that needs to be filled in, and then numerous small details that will need touching up after the fact. But the end is in sight! Sticking to a 16 colour palette for this whole piece has been challenging, but I must say I rather enjoy the challenge of creatively applying colours in places where I didn’t think they’d fit!

Anna – ribbon laces, the coarseness of the way, warmth in shadows

anna_sketch_200 anna_07


Sometimes it’s nice to see how things have progressed from the original sketch!

Unfortunately, this weekend I didn’t end up getting much time to PXL, but I managed a bit. Still tweaking the face to try to get the right expression — so difficult! Did the feets, finally. Not too happy with how noisy things are but I will probably try to clean up a little later on. Began poking at the background, trying to pick out elements that will be important, fleshed out a few small details on the right hand side, and invented a bit of shading on the road to add some interest. Tweaked the palette to add more red in the shadows, I like how they go with the cold blues I have as highlights.




Anna Progress


Relatively minor progress, but redid some aspects of the facial structure, changed a lot with the arms, and make a start on the (really complex) structure of the skirt!

Mori Palette


I chatted with Fet and did some revisions to the mori palette.

I’m… kind of surprised at how diverse this palette looks at this point. I was envisioning pretty much brown and grey with a few daubs of red but I wonder if it won’t be so different from many other palettes that I’ve seen, but with a slight emphasis on certain colours? Either way, I think the really interesting thing will be, after making v0.1, trying this out and seeing which colours are good and which are not really needed.


Anna Progress

Did some work on my latest piece. My intent was to try to head off some of the initial problems as soon as possible. So far: Palette for jacket, airiness of hairstyle, facial expression.


Unexpected things: The hands are going to be really tough due to her unnatural-seeming pose. The hair-curl near her lip is going to be challenging to make readable but not overpowering.

I also did some work on the mori palette which I will post here soon. :D



TSF .e #2 Anna


I already had planned to do another one of these, and I already knew exactly who it’d be. I think Anna’s style is super cool. Effortlessly whimsy, future, punk, artistic. Her expression and pose are perfect.

I anticipate this will be challenging primarily because of two things — one is that there is just so much white that I’ll have to be really careful to not wash out details, but also not to invent complexity. Secondly her expression and pose are really subtle. Getting those things right in a smaller space can be challenging.

I want to record my progress again, so here is step 1. I did a quick sketch over ~10 mins using mouse only just blocking out colours mainly. It is a bit unclever, but I think good enough to start from~