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Miyu final?

Feelen prelly good to party on this one. (Tho I am sure I will come back and do a bunch more work on it.)

(Yep I totally came back like ten minutes later and did some more work on it.)


Miyu 7

Continuing to get somewhere. I was getting frustrated with some contours when I realized that any work I did was going to have to be revisited once there was a background anyway, and started blobbing in a background.


Mori Pal Named

I really like naming things. Our Mori Pal has already gone through some changes since we started working with it for actual pieces, but I wanted to quickly post this old version which includes color names. Updated, battle-tested version coming soon!


Nashares final?

I think I have reached the point of diminishing returns on this piece. But I think it’s the first pixel art I am really proud of! Thanks to Ju for all the help and encouragement.


Nashares 11

Not a ton of progress, but I did decide to go ahead and sketch in the background, which is *really* adding a new dimension of challenge. Got to follow through on it, tho, cos I was *born* to pixel that stack of boox.